Legal Glossary

In the legal  glossary many terms are explained.
Law students and lawyers have explained the terms. Translation For All has translated it.

The terms are from the following areas:

  • Authorities, laws
  • residency permits
  • Common Terms
  • Dublin III
  • Children’s rights and asylum
  • Residenzpflicht
  • police checks
  • List of abbreviations and legal texts

available in the following languages:

Englisch/ English: Legal Dictionary (eng-ger)

Spanisch/ Castellano: Glosario de Terminos Juridicos (esp-ale)

Italienisch/ Italiano: Dizionario Legale (it-ted)#

Portugiesisch/ português: Glosario juridico (por-ale)

Russisch/ русский: Словарь права (rus-deu)

Arabisch/ العربية: (ara-deu) قاموس للقانون



Inglés / Inglés:

Español / Castellano: Glosario de Terminos Juridicos (esp-ale)

Italiano / Italiano: Dizionario Legale (it-ted) #

Portugués / português: Glosario juridico (por-ale)

Ruso / русский: Словарь права (rus-eng)

Árabe / العربية: (ara-eng) قاموس للقانون